Habit: Know When to Stop

A Habit in these Change Series:
Fundamentals Workshop, Validated Software Mender I (VSM-I)

Our promise once you successfully implement Know When to Stop:

  • you will finish code reviews more quickly
  • you will be less impacted by interruptions
  • you will complete stories more quickly
  • you will establish trust with your product owner that you are refactoring the right amount
  • you will find it safer and easier to work with code you do not understand
  • you will find yourself struggling less to keep everything in mind

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What Changes

Those results come from changing these key behaviors.

Shift: Better and No Worse

Commit frequently to prevent infinite refactoring.

Shift: Choose Where to Look

Use the story to guide which refactorings to do.

Shift: The One-Line Story

Perform refactorings so that stories can be completed easily.

Shift: Full Insight Loop

Integrate all of these shifts into one repeatable model.

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