How the Program Works

There are three guarantees that Deep Roots provides within it’s technical excellence program, Code by Refactoring. The first guarantee is that teams will change by learning what they need to know for increased code safety and productivity. The second guarantee is that our program can scale as much as you want within your organization affordably. The third guarantee is that the learning will be specific and relevant for each team’s technical needs.

How Teams Change

Dr. Willeke, Director of Learning, explains how the learning is structured to ensure long term change, whether it is for one team or scaling to the enterprise.

Awareness – Every real change must begin with contextual awareness. As such, Deep Roots start every Change Series (related set of habits) with a virtual mobbing workshop that introduces to the new concepts in their codebase.

Practice – No real change can be sustained without practice of the new behaviors. As such, Deep Roots designed a process that ensures the developers are changing behavior as they code each day.

Reflection The opportunity to review measured change and exchange stories takes the change beyond behavior and creates personal value. As such, Deep Roots designed the practice to include coached retrospectives.

Consistency – Deep Roots also applies the same coached pattern for every Change Series. Once a team has started a habit within the Change Series, each behavior shift uses the same learning pattern that ensures relevancy, specific instruction, and measurability.

How to Scale Affordably

Arlo Belshee, CTO, compares the change impact between 1 team and 100 teams, and how the Deep Roots model makes 100 teams feasible.

Why Scale?

  • Own your Center of Excellence
  • Maintain the excellence for new employees
  • Decrease your costs while owning your technical excellence

What is your Train the Trainer (TtT) Program?

Deep Roots certifies your internal trainers and puts them through the Insight Loop Change Series from the perspective of learning how to do it, teach it, and support continuous learning.  (See details)

How Teams Choose

Dr. Willeke, Director of Learning, shares the challenges teams suffer with technical training that is universally provided. She gives the story of three teams struggling with legacy code, and how the Deep Roots program allows each team to select the relevant learning that they need.

Why do we have to start with The Insight Loop?

Every developer benefits from the practices of The Insight Loop. These fundamental shifts in coding behavior make reading easier and reduce your bugs. Once that has been established, then other more problem-specific Change Series can be adopted by teams.

Do teams learn the easiest first and then progress to harder?

No. Team simply choose based on the technical problem they are experiencing. Even though you could have 10 teams taking the Fix God Classes Change Series, each team could be focusing on a different habit within that Change Series, depending on the team’s god class issue.