The Coached Experience

We start every Change Series with a half-day virtual workshop as mob. Why?

  • We learn better as mobs
  • You will get to work in your codebase
  • You will get exposure to the concepts before implementing the practices

We then guide the team through a series of behavior shifts two times a week. Day 1 will always start with a short virtual demonstration by a Deep Roots coach of what to look for and do. Day 2 will always end with a virtual retrospective that reflects on the technique that was practiced. Why?

  • We learn better working on one thing at a time
  • We learn better by learning through experimentation
  • The essential coaching moments are before and after the practice
  • Consistency helps the brain build new neural pathways

Perform the following steps to set your team up for success.

  • Everybody sign up to the Slack channel for daily support from Arlo Belshee
  • Set up the reoccurring meetings for the virtual demonstrations
  • Set up the reoccurring meetings for the virtual retrospectives
  • Everybody agree on when there is pairing and mobbing and set it up