Starting Change with Mobbing

The first of four steps in the Deep Roots learning model for technical excellence.

Experiencing First

The most effective way to learn is to simply start using the new methods right away. However, chaos can result if we are simply applying new ideas without any context. As a result, the common default is to teach the concepts cognitively first, and then start practicing.

Deep Roots has solved this problem by creating a sequence of practices in the mobbing to help them experience the skills they don’t know how to perform yet.

Applying Immediately

We use the codebase that the team is currently working in. One of the biggest challenges that developers face in learning technical practices is extrapolating from the clean laboratory codebase to their messy, frustrating codebase when they get back to their desk. The alternative is to learn within their own codebase, but this can be difficult to apply the new skills because there are so many distracting messes in the way.

Deep Roots has made it possible for developers to immediately apply their learning by using their codebase without getting lost in the weeds. Rather than applying general concepts, we give specific things to look for and specific behaviors for what to do when they see it.