Sustaining Change with Practice

The second and third of four steps in the Deep Roots learning model for technical excellence.

Once all the techniques experienced in the mobbing workshop is complete, we have the development teams practice those techniques one at a time every two days.

Training: what to look for and do

The first day starts with a training demo of what they’ll practice for the next two days. We specifically show them an example in the code of what they’ll look for, how to find it, and what to do when they find it.

Practicing: doing it over and over

We next focus on the continual practice of this technique throughout the two days. Each developer has an account in our learning system, giving them access to what they should practice and their challenge.

Example practice section for a shift to making risks obvious.

Resolving Questions

For questions that come up outside of the mobbing workshop and demo, every client has Slack Group with dedicated channels of common questions that can be discussed across teams and addressed by Deep Roots’ coach.