The Train the Trainer Experience


The program takes a set (up to 10) of developers to become the internal trainers and puts them through the entire Insight Loop Change Series from the perspective of learning how to do it and how to teach it. 

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Content Licencing

Once trainers are certified, there is a content licencing fee for each time a habit is taught to a new team by that trainer. This allows you to build your own center of excellence and saves you money over hiring a Deep Roots coach.

Bundling Discount

We bundle the licencing fee with a 20% discount if the entire Insight Loop Change Series (3 habits) is taught to the same team within a 3 month period.

Deep Roots Support

Certified trainers will have a dedicated channel on the Slack Group between Deep Roots and the client. This channel will be supported in during normal working days and hours as trainers need further conversation with Deep Roots coaching.