Valuing Change with Retrospectives

The fourth of four steps in the Deep Roots learning model for technical excellence.

Measuring Change

A sense of impediment comes up when we consider tracking and measuring. Not only do we have to learn new things, but now we have to remember to track them too. As such, Deep Roots creates a natural measurement tracker through the commits. Every new technique being taught requires a commit, so the challenge will have the tag required each time that technique is used.

The result is that the new technique is not only practiced in the on-going work environment, but it’s also being tracked in a way that makes it much easier for other team members to know what’s going on with that piece of code.

Sharing Experiences

We end our second day of practice with the Deep Roots coach led retrospective. This moves the new behavior into the individual’s value system. Additionally, the story sharing performs four neural activities.

  • Neural Coupling
    The learner turns the story into their own ideas and experiences.
  • Mirroring
    Listeners experience similar brain activity as the speaker.
  • Cortex Activity
    The brain engages many areas of the brain rather than just the two areas from processing information.
  • Dopamine
    Easier to remember with greater accuracy.