What to expect in shifts

We don’t change habits on a dime. Or easily.

In fact, those ingrained habits that have now become default take deep intentionality and shared experience with others to really see change.

As such, Deep Roots has identified the shift points that are critical for each habit. We give you time and practice as a team to start ingraining these shifts to culminate not only into a new habit but also a mind shift in how you thinking about coding.

Every shift will contain these components as a measured strategy to achieve change with a clear return on investment.

Value Connection

We tie the shift to your everyday work by noting the following:

  • The Change you can anticipate
    What are you doing now and what will you be doing?
  • The Value you can relate to
    Why does this matter anyway?

Specific Instruction

We ensure that you are very clear about what you are supposed to do.

  • How To demonstration video
    What do I look for and what do I do?
  • Your Practice written and visual instructions
    What exactly am I to do and how often?
  • Resolving Objections guidance videos
    Why should I do these insane actions?


We provide an opportunity for you to see the change you are slowly experiencing one small decision at a time.

  • Your Practice challenge and rubric
    How many times do I do this to really start getting proficient?
  • Measuring Progress review and reflection questions
    How do I know this is really making a difference?