Legacy code often requires manual processes. Building, verification, packaging, and deployment all require manual steps. Make the minimal changes to allow incremental automation for every part of the pipeline.

Habit: Checklist Automation

Organization ROI: Manual processes can be automated, even ones with missing information.

Engineer ROI: Automate everything. Incrementally address inconsistencies. Match your investment to the time savings.

Habit: Healthy Unit Tests 1 — Readable Tests

Organization ROI: Communication between developers and product owners become easier.

Engineer ROI: Instantly know why each test exists and what code to change when requirements change.

Habit: Healthy Unit Tests 2 — Stop Testing Internals

Organization ROI: Tests tell you where you will pay costs on future stories.

Engineer ROI: Refactoring never requires updating tests.

Habit: Healthy Unit Tests 3 — Test Long Methods

Organization ROI: Begin automatically verifying your most important chunks of code. Reduce the cost of future changes.

Engineer ROI: Test responsibilities independently, even when they are in the same method.