Each team creates bugs for different reasons. Learn what Hazards cause your team to create bugs and how to prevent them long before unit testing. Learn which Prevention Change Series to take, and what to do for the 10% of bugs that have causes unique to your team.

Habit: Bugs Have Causes

Organization ROI: Reduce bugs that arise from team-specific causes.

Engineer ROI: Reduce blame around bugs. Address whatever problems impact your team most, with organizational support.

Habit: Safeguarding 1 — Better Safeguards

Organization ROI: Learn from each issue, preventing similar issues in the future.

Engineer ROI: Reduce overhead cost for process improvement. Spend less time finding and fixing bugs.

Habit: Safeguarding 2 — Better Demos

Organization ROI: Understand which teams are improving how much. Know where to intervene and where to support.

Engineer ROI: Gain organizational support for the work you do to improve all product elements beyond features.