Difficult-to-understand code is the #1 leading reason that developers write bugs. This change series prevents those bugs by making code easy to understand without making stories take longer.

Organization ROI: Decrease time spent finding, triaging, and fixing bugs by not writing them in the first place.

Engineer ROI: Code becomes obvious, so you don’t need to worry as much while editing it. Be less careful and more successful.

Habit: Read Fragmented Code

Organization ROI: Reduce story cost in code that has a large number of independent parts.

Engineer ROI: Gain insights about related code chunks that are scattered across the old system.

Habit: Names Guide Design

Organization ROI: Prevent bugs that arise from differences between CS concepts and domain concepts.

Engineer ROI: Use your honest names to guide design for your system.

Habit: Add Domain Concepts

Organization ROI: Prevent bugs that arise from working around missing concepts.

Engineer ROI: Use your code to find missing concepts, then use those concepts to organize the code in ways that will be easy to extend.

Habit: Power Combos

Organization ROI: Reduce risk in changing designs.

Engineer ROI: Complete extensive design changes as a series of small steps.