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How the Program Works

There are three guarantees that Deep Roots provides within it’s technical excellence program, Code by Refactoring. The first guarantee is that teams will change by learning what they need to know for increased code safety and productivity. The second guarantee is that our program can scale as much as you want within your organization affordably. The third guarantee is that the learning will be specific and relevant for each team’s technical needs. How Teams Change Awareness – Every real change […]

Know When to Stop

Our promise once you successfully implement Know When to Stop: you will finish code reviews more quickly you will be less impacted by interruptions you will complete stories more quickly you will establish trust with your product owner that you are refactoring the right amount you will find it safer and easier to work with code you do not understand you will find yourself struggling less to keep everything in mind What Changes Those results come from changing these key […]

Start Refactoring Safely

Our promise once you successfully implement Start Refactoring Safely: your team can review your code in minutes instead of a day your team will know which code reviews require attention you will introduce fewer bugs on the most common refactorings you become more aware of the risks that lead to bugs you will start building trust with managers and product owners that refactoring can be cheap and safe What Changes Those results come from changing these key behaviors. Get started! […]

Naming as a Process

A Habit in the Insight Loop Change Series Our promise once you successfully implement Naming as a Process: you will be able to trust the names in your team’s code you will spend less time coming up with names you will waste less time hunting for experts on code you don’t understand you will have less code to read and understand for each story Apply team registration codeSubscribe your team to this habit using one of your organization’s pre-purchased registration […]