Leverage the Insight Loop to address cross-team friction.

Organization ROI: Reduce contention between teams during releases and integrations. Improve effectiveness of code reviews.

Engineer ROI: Decrease ship process overhead. Recover faster from failed builds and merges. Reduce code review cost while incorporating more new ideas. Quickly explore directions you are not yet sure of.

Habit: Always Ship on Time

Organization ROI: Code can be shipped at any time, both on scheduled and at-will releases. Isolate ship date from development risks.

Engineer ROI: Commit every day, no matter what. Always work from a clean slate.

Habit: Code is Cheap

Organization ROI: Reduce blocking between developers in the same team.

Engineer ROI: Retype a full day of work in 30 min. If you have a problem or a merge, revert! Do code previews and faster reviews.

Habit: Ship Easily

Organization ROI: Shorten your process between code complete and general release.

Engineer ROI: Reduce per-release overhead.