Individuals gain awareness of where they encounter risk while coding and start to reduce the causes of that risk using Disciplined Refactoring.

Organization ROI: Improve productivity. Reduce story cost, immediate bugs, and future bugs.

Engineer ROI: Reading code is easier. Changing designs is easier and creates fewer bugs. Spend more time on stories and less time on bugs.

Why we bundle & sequence the Insight Loop.

Habit: Start Refactoring Safely

Organization ROI: Code changes become cheaper and less bug-prone. Improves intra-team learning.

Engineer ROI: Code reviews are much easier. Gaining permission to refactor is easier. Make fewer mistakes.

Habit: Naming as a Process

Organization ROI: Reduces cost and bugs for any story that touches existing code.

Engineer ROI: Trust your names. Finish stories faster. Reduce impact of interruptions.

Habit: Know When to Stop

Organization ROI: Trust devs to do just the right amount of refactoring in each story. Minimize cost of each story.

Engineer ROI: Be trusted to decide when to refactor. Know when to stop.