Testing Well

Write high quality tests with low effort.

This first module is focused on transitioning the developer from taking instruction over to deciding what’s needed. Testing and test design is the keystone for succeeding because the act of test design forces the developer to be concrete with what they want the code to do. As such, every shift within this module builds on testing design.

Successful completion on this module means that the developer can

  • Create an unit test for code they are about to write quickly and easily.
  • Write tests that are easy to read for multiple stakeholders.
  • Write tests that make debugging easy.


1 — Writing Tests First with Comments

Clarify intentions before coding.

2 — Turning Comments to Code

Write your test in small, easy steps.

3 — Designs Everybody Can Read

Accomplish simple, clean, and customer-focused design through your tests.

4 — Testing Existing Code

Poke the product with tests.