Succeeding with Smaller Chunks

Increase impact easily.

This second module is focused on helping developers focus on one thing at a time and get it done. Before this, developers are trying to maintain a large amount of context in their minds. By learning to work in tiny cycles, they can focus on the immediate need and execute successfully. As such, every shift within this module helps developers work tiny across different domains.

Successful completion on this module means that the developer can

  • Avoid getting entangled in dependency chains.
  • Explore alternative ideas without getting overwhelmed.
  • Mitigate frustrations quickly and get back on task.


1 — Static Analysis in the IDE

Refactor with speed.

2 — 15% Better Every Time

Make small accumulative changes instead of big bold bets.

3 — Exploration in Source Control

Explore with safety.

4 — The Work Tiny Loop

Work in tiny steps, consistently.