Solving Extensibility Obstacles

Handling PITA (Pain-in-the-Ass)

This fourth module is focused on helping developers solve the difficulties and annoyances that come from working with un-owned code. In the last module, developers learned how to be effective in a steady state. This module will give developers practices for mitigating obstacles that inevitably arise. As such, every shift within this module focuses on a specific kind of common obstacle.

Successful completion on this module means that the developer can

  • Investigate opaque errors.
  • Share the UI between systems.


01 — Getting Your Code to Run

Integrate your system with theirs so the code runs together.

02 — Integrating the UIs

Have your code display windows in their UI or vice versa.

03 — Enable poke testing

Set up very basic test running so you can poke their system and see the result.

04 — Poking the UI

Add the UI context to your test system so that you can poke it.