Keep out of the Weeds | Zero Disruption

Handle a real world complexity without disrupting development.

The Change

When the outside world has a nuance that your system wants to ignore, encapsulate it into the Adapter.

The Value Proposition

All external systems expose details that matter to someone, but most of them don’t matter to us. This complexity is multiplied when our code interacts with several different external systems. If our code has to track all these details, our code’s core purpose will quickly get lost in the weeds.

The Port provides a simpler abstraction and keeps our code clear of these weeds, And the Adapter maps our simpler model to the real world. Yet we still have a problem: there are so many weeds! This shift gives us a way to incrementally add one simplification at a time.

Pulling one weed at a time gives us several advantages:

  1. Handles each complication independently.
  2. Enables easy verification.
  3. Handles complexities that arise after initial release exactly the same as earlier complexities.
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